Friday, September 12, 2008

18 years later

There are those truths you know about yourself. The tangible and deep to the core identifying values you can’t remember being without. They’re indestructible, but also human and sometimes fickle. In moments of transition, in attempts at responsibility, or in the hopes of security they can be pushed aside for the sake of logic and sensibility. I like to think that I’m wise enough to learn from the experiences of others, but often I jump the gun, claiming a wisdom and foresight that can’t exist in the absence of the risks required to achieve success, however you define it. So, about a year and a half ago, I started to strip myself of self-imposed straight lines and was graced with a reminder of my core that screamed out to be immersed in a world beyond that of my daily life. To find what I sensed (but refused to trust) was a purpose I could sink my teeth into. I took a first step to letting go of the guilt and fear that kept me from indulging in the idea of a “calling” thus far. As soon as I did, doors flew open. Opportunities and objectives began to greet me, and I could let my head rest as the journey unfolded before me.

I keep expecting my luck to run out, but with the incredible support of Rotary, my family and my dear friends, I take this next step in following this path. My hopes are simple – to learn, to question, to theorize and ultimately to act.

My theme word last year was 'hope.' I walked away from my time in South Africa last May with this mantra in my head: There’s always room for hope.

Today I have a new theme I hope to live by and build this year upon:

Don’t just talk. Go. Do.

Thank you for starting this journey with me – I look forward to sharing it with you.