Monday, December 1, 2008

Contact Details

So I can't figure out how to post this permanently on my blog - but for those who have asked and lovingly suggested they will send letters/small packages upon receipt of this information, here's my PO Box:

Megan MacDonald c/o Margaret White
PO Box 73405-00200
Nairobi, Kenya

My phone number is: +254(0)734 715 780 - if you're in Nairobi start with the zero, if you're in the states, leave the zero out.

Unfortunately, nothing of "value" should be sent by mail as it can be assessed a random tax amount based on the perceived value according to the customs agent that opens it (ya, it gets opened). My roommate once had to pay tax on a bar of soap. But a friend who studied here last year said small packages (the size of a VHS or smaller) don't tend to cause much upset - and things like burned CDs/DVDs, small food stuff/goodies etc. shouldn't be a problem. Or, anything that looks previously owned/used tends to get by. Fortunately for me - there's nothing more valuable than a hand-written note from home!

I'll post this on the blog permanently when I figure out how - but in the meantime, there ya go!

Also - since this post is in response to the general awesomeness of friends and family requesting it, I need to acknowledge how wonderful my friends have been in supporting my mom post-surgery since I can't be there. From sending cards and emails to visiting in person - it means the world to me and I am SO lucky to have you guys.



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nicole said...

Wishing that I could send myself to Nairobi right now. I miss you. And everyday I realize how lucky I am to have you in my life. It is so wonderful to read updates of your everyday life experiences. So proud of you.