Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My small room's time to shine

Not sure if this really gives me the credit to say "I'm a published photographer" but it did give my friend Dan and I quite a fun rush when we saw it posted!

About a month ago Dan told me about a series that Andrew Sullivan, a prominent blogger on The Atlantic website, has been publishing for some time. He simply asks readers to send in the view from their window - no glitz, no glam, just what you see day to day. He is planning to publish a book with the pictures he's collected and had mentioned in a post that he didn't have any submissions from Kenya, so there ya go - my room on The Atlantic's website. Fun!

(please click on photo for full dimensions - dang blogger likes to mess with my frames!)

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Matthew Minegar said...

That's awesome! I saw that on his blog, but didn't put it together that it could be you. Tell your room congratulations!