Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cat Hawley Post #3: Safari with the Boys from Nakuru

Megan and I took five little boys from the Joseph Waweru Boys Home on safari in Nakuru National Park with us. We arrived at the park gate early in the morning. Megan and I paid for our tickets while the kids tried to coax a monkey into our van with their
breakfast. The pop-top to the safari van was open and the monkey was basically ready to jump in. In a panic, we explained that it wasn’t appropriate to feed the animals. We thought our guide was aware of the situation, which he wasn’t, so we mentioned it to him. He turned around with a look on his face that said “that is not good.” The monkey is close to Megan’s head and she is understandably flustered: we don’t need a monkey in our van with kids holding swipable edibles. In this moment of concern Megan announced “no food until lunch.” All ended well, our guide intervened; the monkey was shooed away and the kids got a snack before noon.

Look Out!
Peaceful Moment Near Waterfall
Lunch Time

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Montana Short's said...

ah - remind me to tell you my, "I was bitten by a monkey in Costa Rica story!" T.