Friday, February 19, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

In the last seven days, a run down of the numbers:

# of births attended: 1
# of hours slept: 30
# of exams taken: 4
# of visits to the hospital: 8
# of times I misplaced my phone: 20
# of times said phone was right where it should be: 19
# of times I almost left house wearing mismatched shoes with one on wrong foot: 1
# of times I spilled an entire water bottle over my partially completed exam: 1
# of semesters completed for my coursework: 3
# of semesters left: 1 (it's all research now!)
# of dear friends arriving in the middle of the night tonight: 1
# of celebratory goats to be eating this weekend: undetermined.


HLK said...

love love love it. have such fun with said friend. xoxo, dex's mom

2milli said...

this looks familiar...